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Debra Lee Baldwin – How to Plant a Succulent Container Garden

For more information: http://bit.ly/c1gC60) With their colorful leaves, sculptural shapes, and simple care, succulents are beautiful yet forgiving plants fo…
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  1. Gabrielle Sunheart

    I LOVE your arrangement!

  2. Wonderful arrangement

  3. I love your video

  4. excellent photograph … bad that succulent planter… big disappointment
    and I had purchased three of his books. His arrangements have no room to
    grow, would last only a few days and die.

  5. maravilhoso!!!

  6. Soooooooooo beautiful! I love it >_<

  7. Lucky you Debra!! you have a wonderful job!! Greetings from Italy.

  8. So awesomely beautiful

  9. pls ship me succulents :(

  10. The red plant at 2:42 is Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’. 

  11. what is the name of this plant 2:42 ?

  12. Excellent demonstration with a result that could have come straight from
    one of your beautiful books.

  13. @tylertyler82 no way! ur just smart, thats what i do too! lol

  14. You can water succulents from the top, no problem. In fact, it’s a good way
    to wash dirt and debris from the centers of the rosettes. That said, they
    don’t like TOO much water, so it depends on the time of year and how much
    rainfall you’ve had. Monsoons? Hm. Keep your succulents as dry as possible
    lest their roots rot, plant atop mounds so water drains away from the
    roots, and amend the potting soil half-and-half with pumice or perlite.

  15. I bought your book a couple of months ago and I love it!! I have made many
    succulent gardens in the last couple of years. I have mixed some cacti in
    mine. Thanks for showing us this great tutorial.

  16. When I go to the nursery to buy flowers I take off a leaf of the succulents
    they have that I like to propagate at home- free succulents! is that bad?

  17. Such plants have shallow roots and can be fine, as you mention, for years.
    If it looks healthy (no yellowing), it probably doesn’t need replanting.
    Keep in mind rotund cacti are water storage tanks. If rootbound or if it
    goes without water for prolonged periods, it will subsist on moisture
    nutrients in its body. The skin is waxy, which prevents evaporation. That
    said, you might encourage it to grow larger and more rapidly if you
    repotted it. As for vermiculite, it’s not recommended for cacti.

  18. for some reson succulents i plant live better in dirt from my backyard than
    potting soil and perlite.

  19. Wow that looks amazing! I wish they had those reddish sedum things at my
    local Lowes. Is it ok to get the leaves of the succulents wet when
    watering? I found that whenever I do that the leaves that get wet start to
    rot or scar. Great video, I learned a lot! ~ The succulent addict in
    upstate NY

  20. well I’m not an expert…but in the wild, how else would a succulent plant
    get watered? Rain…lol. So they have to be somewhat used to having water
    on their leaves. However probably the best thing to do in summers is water
    it a bit before noon so that there’s plenty of time for the sun to
    evaporate the water off the leaves. Also you only have to water the plant
    once a week or so. They don’t like a lot of water.

  21. i was told by a gardener that i shouldnt water the succulent from the top
    as the water will damage/rot the leaves of the rosette. he told me to soak
    the pot in the water instead so that the water would wet the soil without
    making the leaves wet. but she jus watered the succulents from the top. im
    confused right now. so how do i water the succulent, expecially those with
    rosettes? and how often do i water the plant. my country here is summer for
    3/4 of the year, monsoon season at year end.

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