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How to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden – Easy Vegetable Garden Planning

Whether you’re starting a new garden or simply a new growing season, planning ahead is the secret to success in any vegetable garden.
In this short video we demonstrate how good planning can maximize your harvests and help you grow your biggest, best garden ever!

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2017 Summer Garden Plan

I hope you enjoy this vlog while I share my day and Michael and I get the garden ready for the next step of organic gardening:)

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  1. Love the video, thank you! Where can I obtain one of your Garden Planners?

  2. I am a Farmer , I watch your farmlife video ….it's really best, and I like your life ….
    I am from India and my channel is a littel from you …
    "Agriculture Life" …. please subscribe me and watch my
    Tractor Mount video ….its really best

  3. Where on the planner can I find my last frost date, I know the planner already has it from my post code but I would like to know when it is, please where do I find it in the program. New to using it. Thank you

  4. I hope I purchased the correct Garden planner on iTunes. Please tell me it was the Farmers almanac garden planner for Ipad/Iphone use.

  5. bilkisu almustapha

    Great video, please do you have the planner for savanna weather? because I live in West Africa, specifically northern nigeria, the weather here is dry and hot,please I need help

  6. Thank you for the video!! Very useful information

  7. I like the structure that you are using where you attach stakes to it for climbing plants.  Can you send a DIY on how you made it?  I would love to try it myself?

  8. Just a commercial for their planner app.

  9. Does the planner work for container gardening?

  10. Coming from a family that has used the Old Farmer's Almanac for generations, I truly enjoy your highly informative videos. Thanks

  11. I'm loving the garden planner more than I imagined possible. I use it almost every day and enjoy changing it up as our garden plans change. Truly helpful software.

  12. Two seasons ago I got your garden planter it never worked properly even after my contacting mother earth nothing was said or done it seems that I was simply dropped don't know why this happened but it makes me very leery about attempting to sign up again please have you work the bugs out of the system I live in Rutherfordton, NC 28139 so I would like to know that if I attempt to get this system will it work this time?

  13. Where can I get the electronic garden planner featured in this video?

  14. we used the garden planner last year even with a very late start building our first garden… fencing, raised beds. etc. Excited to be able to take full advantage this season of rotation, companion plants and mid-season additions after early harvests! the planner was a huge help as a new gardener last year to gauge available space for desired plants 😀

  15. Hi! So I'm currently exploring the new features in the garden planner to turn square foot gardening on/off. I've read through the book on this subject so I understand the basic concept. As predicted, when I turn my garden from regular to SF I've noticed I can fit WAY more plants in the planner. BUT It has left me mystified where the rational for the original spacing came from. Also, I've noticed in some of your plans using raised beds you don't always activate SFG, is there a reason you don't always use it in your raised beds? It seems ideal to always use it.

  16. Do you change the planner for Southern Hemisphere. Australian garden.

  17. where do i download your Garden Planner, please. Sounds so helpful. Thx!

  18. thank goodness for people like this guy who find time to give others some of his knowledge. thanks a lot!

  19. How do you obtain the garden planner?

  20. We don't have sun in Seattle. Just kidding. We get three months of it or so. 😉

  21. have you named the chicks yet? you could name them after Henry the 8th's wives but then 3 of them would be Katherine lol? They are getting so big, how long before they go to the chicken yard/coop?

  22. here 1 tomato plant in a 3 inch pot is $2.99. Mine that I grew are kinda scraggley but their what we're using.


  24. they call me scrappy the cholo

  25. I bought 2 of the Turmeric today. 🙂

  26. I purchased the Sun Oven package last night! Just waiting for it to arrive.

  27. I was like trying to pick up your onion to take inside for you lol!

  28. 1.99 stuff is gone. Makes me sick. Getting seeds and doing your own is penny's.

  29. Love the garden size. Bet you can't wait to start growing. 🙂

  30. Cyborg Vampire Bell

    Hi Linda, this is off topic but I have a question about dehydrating guacamole; can it be done? Thx, btw, love your channel!

  31. I just ordered the turmeric.

  32. I want a sun oven so bad, but the finances just are not here. On the wish list, it goes.

  33. just ordered my SCOBY. so excited

  34. I would love to have a Sun Oven & have been savin my pennies.

  35. One yard revolution has a great gardening channel… he built HINGED row covers that are quite genius. You might want to check him out because that hinged aspect might be exactly what you need for winter gardening. (He is also really thrifty and always explained and keeps track of all costs involved in his gardening. ) I have a feeling he might already be on your radar but just in case… 🙂

  36. Linda I clicked onto the link. There was another one on their site that popped up for $89.00 Bucks It looked the same I did not see the white sun indicator box on it. Have you seen it. I am showing my husband it this weekend. I shared your promo on my group page. I tried to tag you in it. I thought we was friends on fb. I could be wrong lol. Please pm me & let me know if that is the same oven .. Ty Linda have a great weekend.

  37. idk where i read it for u to reference but ive read that some YouTube interactions thru email will not always go thru yahoo successfully
    normally i would offer firm fact and references for someone to confirm but maybe look that up see if u come up w that also
    love u linda thanx for being inspirational perky and informative
    BTW im over in Indiana and last year was the longest berry season for blackberries weve ever had i pick wild raspberries then the blackberries that grow among them. we had loads of sun and intermittent rain last year normally july thru august is HOT N DRY in my area but last year i pucked blackberry until almost September. In 9 years of harvesting ive NEVER had that weather or that production. maybe if u mimic that on ur plot u can have those results w ur raspberries. GOOD LUCK🤗💙

  38. wonderful video from a wonderful person

  39. Your chicken set up is so cute! How often do you change the shavings due to chickie poos? How long will they live in there before they go out into the chicken yard?

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