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Mittleider Garden: Vertical Gardening Done Right

Mittleider Garden: Vertical Gardening Done Right

Vertical gardening (done right) can dramatically boost your plants health and production. Because the Mittleider gardening method does vertical gardening rig…

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  1. Thanks for the videos, it is so much easier to see it done sometimes that
    to try to figure out exactly what the book means. My first t-frame bed is
    getting planted today!

  2. Garden Sheds Devon

    I perceived that vertical gardening method can help us enhance and improve
    the growth of our plants in a healthy production. It is a great information
    when you talk about the advantage of vertical gardening because it can
    really maximize the limited space in our garden. 

  3. I’ll plant seeds indoors in January and transplant in the grow boxes mid
    February. I can’t hardly wait.

  4. Need to use stainless steel fasteners. (Pressure treated wood). ALL steel
    will rust, very fast.

  5. I don’t know where in the world you get that idea from, with a name like

  6. cant wait to see Ur garden in full tilt, wicked..

  7. was that a little intertwining of religon in your statement where is that
    at ?you do have neat set up for vertical growing i need to check out your
    other video’s

  8. My hubby and I want to garden through the fall/winter indoors and we’ve
    been talking about trying your Mittleider/Off-Grid Gardening on our porch.
    I planned on buying some grow lights… Any other suggestions? It won’t be
    a problem watering with the garden being significantly smaller than our
    spring/summer gardening. I am thinking I’ll need a fan or two to keep the
    air circulating…or just have my husband put up a ceiling fan. Again- we
    would love your input! Thanks so much!

  9. Have you ever tried Aquaponic gardening? I’ve been pulling my hair out
    trying to figure out which yields better results. I know AP costs more up
    front, but also produces and sustains fish, while supposedly not needing
    any additional fertilizer. Your input would be helpful if you could.

  10. You have such a beautiful garden David. Thanks for sharing.

  11. When are you planning on starting tomatoes and peppers in your grow boxes?

  12. My husband and I were looking at the Aquaponic gardening but the fish part
    is really stumping me… I live in Indiana…and I’m not understanding how
    the fish would survive the winter…and really wasn’t looking forward to
    taking over my husband’s garage to do my gardening. Not that he’d complain,
    but the man doesn’t really have any room to himself other than the bathroom
    on occasion. So, Off-Grid Gardening and now the Mittleider Gardening has
    become my major interest.

  13. Nice, very nice. Thx for sharing

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