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My House Plant Tour! + Hamster updates

Hoi!!! theres some odd moments in this video haha

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Camera: Canon G7x ii
Tripod: Joby GorillaPod Hybrid
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

Intro animation by Plintoon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Plintoon
Tumblr: http://plintoon.tumblr.com/
Intro music by The World:

Outro Song:
Collapse – Love


Be Together- Zaza

Summerfugl – “Where has she gone”

Be Together- Zaza

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  1. 7:19 whats the name of that plant?

  2. I love u so mutch

  3. The veining plant is a type of Ivy called Devil's Ivy it can withstand a lot, but you would be surprised to know it doesn't like direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is actually to much for the plants leaves and if left in the same area can burn them. ( Think of like a green sunburn) Hope this helps! 🙂 Also ps the plant likes it when you trim the dead leaves off the main plant. If that makes sense. Pss Devil's ivy won't tolerate soggy potting soil. Allow the top inch or two of soil to dry and then fill the pot with water. Psss it is natural for the leaves to fall off on their own once and a while but if they are turning yellow and falling off a lot that means you are over watering it. XD I have this plant and have had it in the past good luck with your little buddy!

  4. Its like they are trying to tell me something but they cant because they dont have mouths

  5. living in Japan and not having Bonsai…shame on you!!!Just kidding..keep uplowding,you are a sweetheart,many greetings from Greece!!!

  6. hey! First or all, I love your videos 😀 and, most plants stop growing in the fall, they go into a winter sleep, so some of them may always grow slow, and other will be growing like crazy in spring and summer. Love from the Netherlands

  7. You should put at least 20 cm of bedding. Hamster love dig

  8. No plants enjoy smaller pots they say that so that the plant stays small. If you put it in a bigger pot it will grow larger


  10. I am so in love with your opening animation!

  11. oh my god i love you????

  12. plAnts are so much cooler then pleeeents tho

  13. She looks exactly like my hamster diggy ❤️

  14. Kawaiimonster vee

    You are so adorable! And your plants look amazing! I dunno what else to say other than yay! :3

  15. Wha? An interview to get into UNI??? I go to UOT and never once had to be interviewed?? And mate im an Aussie!

  16. Hey! Just wanted to share a little advice from one plant momma to the next. I find that if my plants are having a hard time growing, staying alive but not thriving, it really helps to increase HUMIDITY ♥ Not all plants like a to of humidity (like cacti) but others really benefit from it. Misting daily really helps, but I'd also look into getting a bedroom humidifier. Obviously I don't know how humid your living space is on a daily basis, so if it's like a sauna then ignore this lol ;——-; For me personally, the humidity in my home is always around 40-50% so a humidifier makes a big difference.

  17. 7:12 that plant is mother in laws tounge

  18. The brown spots on your Pothos’ leaves is a fungal problem that needs early treatment before it gets too much of a hold on your plant. Which can kill it.
    .The best thing to do is remove affected leaves with fingernails or small clippers.
    .Keep moister and water off the leaves to keep them dry.
    .Keep out of humid areas and allow soil to dry out before watering again.
    .Keep away from other house plants so it won’t spread
    .If re-potted keep in “quarantine” for two-three months before putting it with the other plants.
    !!Be careful with the leaves around animals and children.!!

  19. I've recently just found your videos and I'm really in love with your content!

  20. i love you so much? moss is so cute??! i hope your bf gets into uni!!!!!

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