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My Kitchen Garden Plan // Garden Answer

Kitchen Garden Planner – https://goo.gl/BGarz4
Organic Seeds – https://goo.gl/F752wj

I’m so excited to start my kitchen garden this year!!! I’m not sure exactly how much space I’ll have to go with since the yard is still under a couple feet of snow, but I got a pretty good start on the design! I had a ton of fun designing with the help of the Kitchen Garden Planner – I could seriously play around with the planner for hours… 🙂 For all the beginner gardeners out there, they have 26 pre-planned gardens you can look through to help you get started with seed collections to go along with a few of them as well as many other seeds to look through! Planning and anticipating is *almost* the best part! 😉 Thanks for watching! ~Laura

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  1. Christopher Aucoin

    Gasp!! Swiss Chard is life! =] thanks for the video. I have been looking for a free planner for a while.

  2. Aledwina Townsend

    My students in my garden club will love this.


    Looks like a fantastic site x,

  4. I've just started going gardening-crazy this year, and i kind up jumped in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim lol. But thanks to you and your channel i have a great feeling that next year's garden will be even better!

  5. Is there something like this to help someone plan a landscape?

  6. OMG! I never noticed this planner and I'm on the Gardner Supply site so often. Really great. Little Dexter will help keep the critters away from your vegetables. I've had problems with everything from field mice, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, ground hogs and deer. Finally put up a large enough fence this year. Wish you luck on your future garden. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

  7. thanks so much. i love this tool!!!!!
    i am a beginner gardener and I am really enjoying watching all of your videos. I went to the website right after watching this video and was extremely thrilled with this very cool easy to use and Brilliant tool.

  8. This is so fantastic!!! Thank you for all you do for us. You are the best Youtube channel Ive seen in years and Im now a huge fan of yours

  9. This question has nothing to do with gardening – but how do you do your hair!?

  10. Melissa Serene Dupalo

    Will you be able to harvest all of your summer produce from this garden? If so, how do you know how much you need to plant to feed your family?

  11. Great video!

  12. So helpful – excellent planner and advice! Thanks for the referral to Gardener's Supply.

  13. Petals on the Paving Slabs

    When I think of the sheets of paper I've used re-designing / planning my garden! Great video, thank you.

  14. We asked and you answered! Thanks for another great video, Laura and for the helpful planning site. Do you know how high your beds will be or what material they'll be constructed from? Counting down the days until we can get our hands dirty!! 🥒

  15. Omg i love this this is awesome

  16. Intense gardening like Migardener does over on that channel, I just love learning the new things he's planted and taught people on there. Plus he's got a website to sell garden seeds for super cheap. You should go check it out Laura. You might love to buy seeds from his site. (If you haven't bought seeds already!)

    I do love the website you found for planning a garden, I've got to save that for when we move and I start from scratch at the family farm. That'll be so exciting! You'll do wonderful with your garden Laura!
    🌾Be Blessed ღ 🌿

  17. Thank you. This is amazing. Does this warn you if you chose crops that don't grow well together?

  18. This is freaking awesome!!! I never knew this was on their website. I'm going to use this to plan my veggie garden this year. I always do the same think, this will help me change things up a little 🙂

  19. Awesome, educational video, can't wait to use this garden planner – you inspire us thank you!

  20. I used the Gardeners Supply planner years ago and still do. Love it

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